Joseph "Flash" Escue, Investigator / Science Director


Joseph "Flash" Escue, Investigator / Science Director

Iíve always been interested in the unusual.  I had a near death experience at the age of five.  This included the out-of-body experience before I faded to black and spent a week in a coma.  I have what I believed for years to be memories of that time but I later discovered that what I thought I remembered does not exist.  Afterward I found I had a talent for art which I never exhibited before.  When I started to school my teachers freaked when I never drew the typical childís stick figures, but full-figured human beings.

My focus all my life has been in the sciences, particularly aerospace and astronomy.  However my degree was in computer science and I am an affiliate of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineerís Computer Society.  By profession I am a software engineer.  Still I realize science cannot explain everything so I delve into the more esoteric fields of parapsychology.

In 1973 I participated in the SkyLab Student Project and received an honorable mention from NASA.  Iím a member of the Planetary Society and my name flew in the sample return module of the Stardust probe which spent three years in interstellar space before returning to Earth.

Of all the things I have done the most enjoyable and fascinating is chasing the unexplained.  Iíve had the pleasure to meet many inquisitive and brilliant people in the pursuit of answers to the unknown.  I am honored to be a part of the dedicated, serious and open minded NightStalkers Paranormal Research™ team.